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volubilis: chic french slippers


We are thrilled to introduce Volubilis, a captivating woman-owned brand that is new to our universe!

Volubilis specializes in crafting premium slippers tailored for both men and women. These slippers seamlessly blend the soothing comfort of traditional slippers with the sophistication of moccasins and flat shoes. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these exquisite slippers are proudly made in France, in factories celebrated for their unparalleled craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to sourcing the finest materials. Expect to find hand-stitched natural leather, luxuriously silky velvet, and a medley of supple, delicate materials, all complemented by meticulously refined finishes. Volubilis embodies the essence of elevating the art of stylish living, especially within the confines of your home.

After dedicating 25 years to her career with media and tech giants, Virginie yearned to embark on a project that possessed a profound impact, one that would encompass not just operational efficiency but also nurture creativity and liberate her entrepreneurial spirit.

During her search to identify potential companies to buy, she stumbled upon an issue within the slipper market. There was a noticeable demand for high-quality indoor footwear and the limited supply available. It became clear to her that there was a lack of indoor shoes available that could seamlessly blend comfort and style. Faced with this realization, Virginie decided to take matters into her own hands and bring to life the chic indoor footwear she had long envisioned and desired.

Intrigued by her story and inspired by the quality of Volubilis products, we are thrilled to have this remarkable brand join our Boutique. Find a selection of her items HERE on the Boutique.

Written by Sarah Nusz

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