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maison broussaud
Artisans of France

maison broussaud – fashionable socks

In the picturesque Limousin region of France, there exists a story that spans three generations and eight decades – the story of Maison Broussaud. It


maxim’s: fine chocolates

In the world of fine chocolates, Maxim’s House is a testament to over 140 years of chocolatier expertise. They cherish the artisanal craft of working


louise damas: timeless jewelry

The Box N°28 is curated around items that you can use in an elegant night out with a loved one or friends. For each Box,


volubilis: chic french slippers

We are thrilled to introduce Volubilis, a captivating woman-owned brand that is new to our universe! Volubilis specializes in crafting premium slippers tailored for both

french cinema: a night of classic elegance

french cinema: a night of classic elegance

When it comes to cinema, the French have an undeniable knack for producing films that are both intellectually stimulating and visually captivating. French cinema has

Artisans of France

esprit provence – lavender dreams

For those of you who joined us for our August Box, you will certainly recognize this brand, Esprit Provence. Since you all loved their herbs

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