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louise damas: timeless jewelry


The Box N°28 is curated around items that you can use in an elegant night out with a loved one or friends.

For each Box, we reveal one brand that will be included and we are very excited to announce that we will be working with Louise Damas for our November Box!


Louise Damas creates timeless jewelry that will become your new favorite jewelry brand. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Paris, epitomizing the essence of essential jewelry box treasures.

Louise Damas unveils a world of jewelry made in Paris, adorned with the opulence of 24k gold and characterized by unmistakable, timeless designs. Their commitment lies in creating affordable pieces that stand the test of time, that leave you with pieces that can be worn for generations.


Ten years ago, Louise embarked on her remarkable journey into jewelry design. Drawing inspiration from the kaleidoscope of life surrounding her – the diverse women she met, the everyday beauty, art, literature, and vintage treasures – she commenced crafting collections that transcend fashion fads, enhancing the women who wear them without ever overshadowing their individuality.

The tale of Louise Damas unfurls during her pursuit of modern literature. Here, she rediscovered her long-held passion for working with her hands, sparked by her introduction to sculpture. One pivotal day, – she decided to start creating jewelry that she’s always wanted.

louise damas

Louise’s apartment floor served as her creative haven, a tradition she continues to embrace today. Armed with a humble pair of pliers, an assortment of pearls, delicate chains, and the comforting voice of an audiobook, her Parisian abode metamorphosed into a bustling workshop.

Transitioning from selling at designer markets to launching an Instagram presence and eventually a website, Louise’s life took an unexpected twist as a deluge of orders poured in. The choice between the security of her studies and her fervent passion for creation became inevitable. In 2012, she took the leap and established her jewelry brand – and the rest was history.

The root of Louise’s inspiration is her ever-evolving environment. Whether it’s the prose of her favorite authors on a café terrace, the delicate intricacies of a vintage cufflink, the muted hues borrowed from toile de Jouy, the nuances of an artwork, the remarkable women she encounters, or timeless icons of femininity – they all influence her creations. From her inaugural pieces inspired by literary heroines, Louise Damas has metamorphosed into a multifaceted collection, beckoning every woman to inscribe her own narrative.

louise damas

Louise’s journey is deeply intertwined with her mother, Pascale, a figure as inspiring as she is inspired. Her legacy is woven into the fabrics of Louise’s childhood – the garments she crafted for Louise and her sister, Jeanne, and now for her grandchildren. It’s this heritage that instilled in Louise the desire to create jewelry meant to endure through generations.

Louise Damas is also a testament to the resilience of a young woman who honed her craft by learning from professionals and craftsmen, turning her ideas into reality. Whether it’s the delicate art of crimping, the precision of soldering, or the finesse of metalworking, Louise acquired her mastery by their side. Today, she collaborates with a team of skilled craftsmen, championing both human and environmental values in the creation of her collections.

If you are looking forward to seeing what item(s) we have included from Louise Damas, be sure to reserve your November Box HERE

Written by Sarah Nusz

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