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maxim’s: fine chocolates


In the world of fine chocolates, Maxim’s House is a testament to over 140 years of chocolatier expertise. They cherish the artisanal craft of working with raw materials, resulting in the creation of an exquisite and aromatic chocolate experience. Committed to quality, Maxim’s House ensures their chocolate is pure, free from palm oil, and rich in cocoa butter, delivering an unmatched taste.


Maxim’s Chocolate promises an exceptional culinary journey, seamlessly merging generosity and intensity. With an array of chocolates, from the delicate ganache to the robust praline, from velvety gianduja to crunchy nougatine, their assortments offer a comprehensive chocolate experience within a single box. Whether it’s dark, white, or milk chocolate, these selections make for the ideal and generous gift, either to present or to indulge in wholeheartedly.


At Maxim’s, they hold traditional know-how in the highest esteem, evident in the crafting of pralines in old-fashioned copper cauldrons. This heritage, combined with modern production techniques, upholds a tradition of exacting standards and culinary excellence. Their master chocolatiers, recipients of the prestigious “France’s Best Craftsman” title, infuse their expertise into each creation, elevating the flavors of chocolate for your utmost pleasure.

maxims chocolate

Throughout the year, Maxim’s offers a complete collection of chocolates. From classic to modern to timeless, their original chocolate collections cater to diverse tastes. Their chocolate boxes, adorned in dark, red, and gold, bring a festive spirit to your home. Available in various forms, such as pearls, rochers, or candies, chocolate remains the quintessential gift.

Maxim’s Chocolate celebrates craftsmanship and tradition, a gift that transcends time and leaves a lasting impression.

Find a selection of delicious treats from Maxim’s on the MFCH Boutique HERE !

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