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yolaine: french cosmetics


For those of you who had the pleasure of receiving Box 25, you are surely familiar with one of our favorite French cosmetics brands – Yolaine! If you have yet to experience the allure of their products, read on to learn a bit more of the back story behind this impressive female-founded French company.

Lipsticks have always held a special place in the heart of beauty enthusiasts, but for one particular individual, they were more than just cosmetic products. As a painter’s daughter, color and art were deeply ingrained in her soul. It was this passion that fueled Camille’s journey to create Yolaine, a beauty collection that embodies her daily inspirations: art, cinema, vintage aesthetics, prints, and even indulgent treats.

In her quest to develop the perfect lipstick, she envisioned Mousse de Rouge as a “chocolate mousse, but red.” And true to her vision, the lipstick boasts a velvety texture that feels as light as air, yet irresistibly creamy. Its addictive qualities make it an instant favorite among those who have had the pleasure of experiencing it.

yolaine: french cosmetics

However, Yolaine’s ambition extended beyond lipstick. She aimed to create products that were not only effective but also objects of beauty in their own right. Each item in the collection exudes timeless elegance, inviting admiration and envy alike. From a mascara that stands the test of time to a toile de Jouy lip care product and an antique-inspired mirror, Yolaine succeeds in bringing beauty back into beauty itself.

Yolaine draws inspiration from various facets of French art de vivre. The collection pays homage to an artist’s studio, evokes the charm of a vintage boudoir, tips its hat to the Nouvelle Vague, and even celebrates one of the most delectable desserts. It embraces these elements unapologetically, reviving the pleasure of clichés and infusing them with a renewed sense of allure.

Yolaine creator, Camille, cherishes the joy of crafting each product and hopes that users will relish them just as much. It is an invitation to indulge in the artistry, elegance, and pleasures that Yolaine encapsulates. With her collection, she not only shares her love for color and creativity but also offers a piece of her soul to those who appreciate the harmonious marriage of beauty and inspiration.


Yolaine is not just another beauty brand; it is a testament to the transformative power of art and the French art de vivre. Through Camille’s meticulously crafted products, Yolaine invites beauty enthusiasts to embrace the magic of self-expression, elegance, and the pure pleasure that beauty brings.

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Written by Sarah Nusz

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