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parisian kitchen essentials


Our February Box revolves around Parisian home essentials, with today’s focus on the heart of every home – the kitchen! As a central hub for gatherings and the creation of countless memories, this essential room plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. Explore the must-have items that we believe are indispensable in every Parisian household.

The first item that is a Parisian kitchen essential is quality cookware. Parisian kitchens boast an array of high-quality cookware, and no kitchen is complete without a set of versatile pots and pans. Invest in copper-bottomed pots for precise temperature control, and enamel-coated cast-iron skillets for that perfect sear.

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Another essential is wooden utensils. Parisian chefs and home chefs embrace the rustic charm of wooden utensils. From spatulas to mixing spoons, these tools add a touch of authenticity to your cooking process while ensuring that delicate French sauces are stirred to perfection.

Parisian kitchens also often feature aesthetically pleasing and functional boards, prized for their durability and natural beauty. Not only do they provide a sturdy surface for chopping and slicing, but the distinctive grain patterns also add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor.

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Elegant tableware can elevate your dining experience and capture the essence of Parisian style. Classic white plates, silverware with a touch of vintage charm, and crystal glassware will transform your meals into a feast for the eyes.

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French herbs and spices are another great way to get that Parisian feel to your kitchen. A small herb garden on your windowsill or a collection of carefully selected spices will add depth and complexity to your culinary creations. Not to mention that they will also double as beautiful decorations.

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Upgrade your cleaning routine in the kitchen with natural bristle brushes, a staple in French households. Ideal for scrubbing dishes, pots, and pans, these brushes combine functionality with a nod to traditional Parisian cleaning practices.

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By incorporating these Parisian kitchen essentials into your culinary haven, you are sure to create a space that is timeless and chic, just like the French!

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Written by Sarah Nusz

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