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box n°29 brand reveal

box n°29 brand reveal

The Box N°29 is curated around items that you can use around the home.

For each Box, we reveal one brand that will be included and we are very excited to announce that we will be working with Maison Pechavy!


At the heart of Maison Pechavy’s ethos lies a deep-rooted appreciation for wood, hailed as one of the most eco-friendly and renewable energy sources. Carine Pechavy, the visionary designer behind the brand, embarked on a journey committed to sustainable development from the very beginning. 

This commitment is evident in the meticulous selection of bio-based materials and strategic partnerships with local businesses, minimizing their carbon footprint.

box n°29 brand reveal

Every Maison Pechavy product embodies a dedication to environmental consciousness. Utilizing premium, durable, and renewable materials such as wood, ceramic, vegetable or beeswax, mohair wool, and sustainably sourced paper and cardboard, each item is a testament to their eco-friendly philosophy.

box n°29 brand reveal

Their ecological matches feature wood sourced from sustainably managed, FSC-certified forests in Germany, reflecting the brand’s dedication to ethical sourcing. Ceramics for scented candles and wooden candle holders are crafted within a few kilometers from the brand’s premises, championing local craftsmanship.

Local Vianne stone is the chosen material for their stone candlestick, reinforcing Maison Pechavy’s commitment to community support. The mohair in their plaids undergoes transformation by a family manufacturer with eight generations of expertise in wool fiber.

box n°29 brand reveal

Their wax candles are meticulously casted by passionate craftsmen in France, showcasing a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Even the packaging and cardboard are sourced and printed within a limited geographical area, demonstrating their dedication to reducing transportation-related carbon footprint.

Maison Pechavy’s latest innovation, the ceramic candles, transcend traditional use. Designed for reuse as a tea mug or utensil pot after the candle has burned out, they embody a conscious lifestyle choice.

box n°29 brand reveal

More than just a brand, Maison Pechavy symbolizes a commitment to sustainability, community support, and the enduring refinement of eco-friendly living. Don’t miss out on the eco-conscious item(s) we’ve selected for our February Box. Reserve yours today to experience the harmony of luxury and sustainability. 

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Written by Sarah Nusz

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