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Category: French lifestyle

French lifestyle

7 parisian home interiors we love

Parisian home interiors are known for their sophistication and charm, showcasing a blend of history and modernity that captivates its creative residents and curious visitors


parisian kitchen essentials

Our February Box revolves around Parisian home essentials, with today’s focus on the heart of every home – the kitchen! As a central hub for

bon appétit origins
French lifestyle

origins of bon appétit

Food has always played a significant role in human culture and society. Across different languages and cuisines, we often come across phrases that have become

atelier du cuivre
Artisans of France

box n°27 brand reveal

The Box N°27 is curated around items that you can use in and around the kitchen. For each Box, we reveal one brand that will

french antiques

decorating with antique paintings

Antique paintings can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any home décor. These types of paintings not only serve as a visual representation

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