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our favorite blue doors around france

sharons blue door photo

Our May Box is curated around the theme, Blue & White, and some of our inspiration comes from our favorite blue doors around France!

Blue is one of the colours most traditionally used for doorways in France. Doors of all sizes from the large imposing double gateways built to impress in Paris, to a small side gate leading into a hidden garden. Each tells a story, a vision, shows its expert craftsmanship, the coming and going of its inhabitants, and a true pleasure for the eyes.

If you are lucky, sometimes you can catch a peek into the hidden courtyard or private oasis hidden behind these blue beauties. The stories we imagine behind these blue doors are so inspiring and we hope to share some of that inspiration with you in these photos!

our favorite blue doors around france
Photo by Herve Mouyal in Bordeaux
blue door by sharon santoni
Photo by Sharon Santoni in Normandy
blue door by everydayparisian
Photo by Rebecca Plotnick in Paris
our favorite blue doors around france
Photo by Landen Kerr in Paris
blue door by georgiannalane
Photo by Georgianna Lane in Paris
curious provence blue door
Photo by Ashley (curiousprovence) in Avignon
blue door in montmartre
Photo by Kate Devine in Montmartre (Paris)
our favorite blue doors around france
Photos by Benedicte (wanderwonders) in Paris
alexandrine blue door
Photo by Alexandrine (alexandrine_ar) in Paris
perfectly provence blue door
Photo by Perfectly Provence in Provence

If you are as inspired as we are by our favorite blue doors around France, then make sure to reserve your May Box!
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