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antique sourcing in chatou

chatou fair

The Chatou Antique Fair is one of our favorite places to source antiques for our Boxes and Boutique.

It takes place twice a year on the west of Paris and gathers hundreds of France’s best antique dealers to show off their ware for 10 days. With the fair lasting so long, it means that you can go more than once and know that there will be fresh stuff to see as displays are renewed during the fair as items sell.

antique sourcing in chatou

To make the most of our Chatou Fair trips, we always make a list of items that we are looking for. Without a plan, you can easily get distracted. Upon arrival, we get our bearings of the land. It is important for us to always pick up a map as we enter not only to see where we are going but also to mark our favorite vendors that we would like to visit. After that, we take off on our antique journey to find items that we can then bring to you.

Once we see a piece we love, we will take the time to talk with the vendors about it, where it came from, if there is a story attached, tips for restoration, and any other helpful information they may have. If we do see something we absolutely love, we never second guess it because it could be gone by the time we circle back. After we have everything and more that we came for, we take our treasures back to our fulfillment center, clean them up as needed, and photograph them to have them available for you!

antique sourcing in chatou

Here are some of the articles we discovered and are happy to share with you on the MFCH Boutique!

blue and white china

Beautiful blue and white China, made in France by Longwy
Purchase HERE

Set of 6 antique Paris of monogrammed dessert or appetizer forks and spoons.
Purchase HERE

Antique sauceboat in charming brown and white transferware.
Purchase HERE

Antique monogrammed napkins – all are very sturdy and can be washed on hot in the machine!
Purchase HERE

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