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salt pot

how to care for your olive wood

It is no secret that we love olive wood here at MFCH. Without taking proper care of your olive wood items, the wood can become

midnight in paris

box n°24 theme announcement

We are thrilled to share with you all today our Box N°24 theme announcement! Have you ever wondered what happens after the sun sets in

hero box n°23

box n°23 reveal

For us, the word summer evokes warmth, the fragrance of lavender, the bright colors of a field of sunflowers, long evenings, dinners with friends, and

leather pencil case

atelier fourès: fine french leather

For those of you who subscribe to our Boxes, you will recognize Atelier Fourès from our Box N°22. They are well-known for their handcrafted, fine,

how to elevate your next dinner party

ways to elevate your next dinner party

We love hosting dinner parties here at MFCH! It is a great way to surround yourself with wonderful people and to have meaningful conversations with.

molitor paris

best open-air pools in paris

If you’re looking for ways to cool down during a heat wave in Paris, we have got you covered! Our advice is to sun yourself

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