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auvers sur oise with vincent van gogh

auvers chateeau

Our August Box is all about Summer in France and until the launch of the Box, we will be sharing with you our favorite summer activities and destinations! Today, we take you to an enchanting town, not far from Paris!

Just an hour train ride from Gare de Nord, lies a very charming town called, Auvers sure Oise. This is the place where Vincent Van Gogh spent his final days and is filled with beautiful architecture and rich history.

This village is not only full of beauty and history but is also a great place to hike! There is one path in particular which follows in the footsteps of painter, Vincent Van Gogh. It is called Chemin des Peintures and is easily found by following dotted lanes/panels around town. The tourist office map is a self-guided tour full of surprises, allowing visitors to wander the town.

The Chemin des Peintres starts with the hotel where he stayed while being watched over by Doctor Gachet. Vincent moved here from Montmartre after spending a few months with his brother (Theo) in Paris. He moved to Auvers Sur Oise to clear his head, get treated, and focus on what he loved most, painting. His room was a 9m2 (96sq ft) square that cost only 6 Franc a night. This is also said to be where he passed away after a fatal shot to his chest.

Below his room, is the restaurant, Auberge Ravoux (photographed above) which is classified as a historical monument and preserved in its original state. You can still enjoy a meal here and even sit where Van Gogh would sit! It is best to make reservations in advance! Reserve your place HERE

From the restaurant, the path leads to the Daubigny Museum. This museum holds a collection of 19th-century paintings, watercolours, drawings, and engravings that evoked the birth of impressionism. This is also one of the places where Vincent would pass his time painting.

Closeby Le Châteu D’Auvers-Sur-Oise (photographed above) is a great place to stroll around and admire the well-groomed garden and dream of the lives that once lived here. Also worth a visit is Dr. Gachet’s home. It was originally a boarding school for young girls and alludes to 19th-century bourgeoise living. Visiting is free and you won’t want to miss the views from here!

Elsewhere in the village is the cemetery where Van Gogh lies next to his brother, Theo. After visiting his flourished grave, visitors like to head back into town and stope at the church. This church became famous thanks to Vincent’s painting which can now be found at the Orsay Museum in Paris.

Make sure to bookmark this post for your future travels and let us know if you have been here before!

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Written by Sarah Nusz

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