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orlane: thirty years of excellence in beauty

orlane: thirty years of excellence in beauty

If you received our May Box you will have discovered a body scrub by Orlane. We thought you might like to know more about this brand.

For three decades, the House of Orlane has thrived under the ownership of the family-operated Italian cosmetics group, Kelémata. This unique partnership has allowed Orlane to maintain its values and commitment to excellence, drawing on a deep-rooted passion for nature and beauty. Founded by a pharmacist with a love for plants, Orlane continues to embody a legacy of dedication, quality, and innovation.

orlane: thirty years of excellence in beauty

Innovation at the Heart of Orlane:

Orlance caters to the discerning and elegant woman who appreciates a scientific approach to beauty. From its inception, Orlane has maintained its own research laboratories and production facilities on a sprawling ten-hectare site near Orleans, France. This independence ensures meticulous oversight of every stage of product development, from initial creation to final manufacture.

orlane: thirty years of excellence in beauty

The Revolutionary B21 Bio-energic Complex:

A pioneer in anti-aging science, Orlane developed the B21 Bio-Energic complex, a testament to their innovative spirit. This complex harnesses the energy potential within cells to rejuvenate the skin. With its three synergic actions – energizing, firming, and hydrating – the B21 Bio-Energic complex epitomizes Orlane’s commitment to quality and efficacy.

orlane: thirty years of excellence in beauty

Orlane stands as a beacon of innovations and excellence in the cosmetics industry. Rooted in a family tradition of dedication and scientific rigor, Orlane continues to deliver products that embody beauty, safety, and efficacy. With a commitment to restoring the skin’s natural vitality and a steadfast adherence to ethical practices, Orlane remains a trusted name in luxury skincare.

We are happy to carry their luxurious face scrub that not only exfoliates but also detoxifies and stimulates your skin with fabulous results! Find it here!

Written by Sarah Nusz

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