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supporting small businesses together


Supporting Small Businesses: A Heartfelt Thank You from My French Country Home:

At My French Country Home, the love and support for our small business means the world to us! Every purchase, every kind word, and every mention on social media helps us continue to bring the charm of French country living to your doorstep. Our journey has been made possible by the incredible support from customers and influencers who believe in our mission. Today, we want to emphasize the importance of supporting small businesses and extend a special thank you to The Pink Envelope.

The Significance of Supporting Small Businesses:

Small businesses are what keep creativity alive. They bring diversity, innovation, and personalized experiences that larger corporations often can’t match. Supporting small businesses together means preserving unique cultures and encouraging entrepreneurship. Every purchase helps keep the spirit of individuality alive in a world that often leans towards uniformity.

supporting small businesses together

A Special Thank you to The Pink Envelope:

The Pink Evelope is a fantastic resource for unboxing, reviews, and try-ons of various products and subscriptions. Her mission is to empower viewers with detailed insights into her favorite items, saving time and money, and bringing joy into everyday life. Whether you’re looking for home decor inspiration, over 40 fashion tips, or comprehensive product reviews, The Pink Envelope has got you covered.

We appreciate The Pink Envelope for her honesty and thorough reviews that help potential clients make informed decisions, showcasing the true value of what we offer at My French Country Home.

Building a Community Together:

At My French Country Home, we believe in the power of community. By supporting each other, we can create a vibrant and resilient community. Thank you to all our customers, partners, and influencers, for believing in us and helping us grow. Let’s continue to support small businesses and cherish the unique contributions they bring to our lives.

packed boxes

Get Involved and Share the Love:

We love connecting with new people and appreciate all of you spreading the word about My French Country Home. If you have favorite creators or influencers that you think would enjoy unboxing one of our Boxes, shoot us an email with your ideas to Your recommendations help us reach more enthusiasts who will appreciate the charm and quality of our products. Thank you!

Written by Sarah Nusz

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