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box n°31 theme reveal

box n°31 theme reveal

We are thrilled to unveil the 31st edition of My French Country Home Box, curated around the theme, French Country Cuisine. This collection of French treasures invites you to savor the rustic flavors and convivial ambiance of a traditional French kitchen.

Picture yourself in a cozy kitchen filled with the aroma of fresh herbs, the sizzle of savory dishes, and the inviting warmth of a home-cooked meal shared with loved ones. This theme captures the heart of French country living, where the kitchen is the center of the home and family life.

Inside this Box, you will find an assortment of luxurious French items designed to enrich your culinary adventures. Each item has been thoughtfully chosen to reflect the spirit of French country cuisine.

Whether you are preparing a feast for guests or enjoying a quiet dinner at home, our Box N°31 is sure to bring that French culinary know-how into your own kitchen.

Order your Box today and share in the warmth and richness of French country cuisine from the comfort of home.

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