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esprit provence – lavender dreams


For those of you who joined us for our August Box, you will certainly recognize this brand, Esprit Provence.

Since you all loved their herbs and soap, we were inspired to share a bit of back story!

photo by esprit provence

Founded in 2013, Esprit Provence emerges as a family-driven odyssey, sprouting from a shared vision between siblings, Anne and Oliver.

Nestled in Provence, a land abounding in botanical splendor, with breathtaking panoramas where lavender, thyme, and rosemary flourish alongside olive trees, fruit orchards, vines, and the stately presence of holm oaks and cypresses, all serenaded by the chorus of cicadas.

photo by esprit provence

Fueled by a profound love for the native plants of Provence and a deep sense of gratitude for its offerings, Esprit Provence crafts distinctive products with exceptional fragrances and flavors, mirroring the essence of this resplendent region.

From the inception of design to the final stroke of production, their unwavering expertise ensures the creation of natural well-being and home products, brimming with premium attributes.

olive soap
photo by esprit provence

The Esprit Provence laboratory formulations are meticulously crafted day by day, each month, in an unending quest for new olfactory notes and innovative packaging, seamlessly uniting uniqueness, excellence, and aesthetic appeal.

Their pledge propels them to select the finest producers, spotlighting raw materials cultivated exclusively in the Provencal terroir.

photo by esprit provence

As artisans of design, formulation, and production, Esprit Provence has always been resolute in elevating its proficiency and mastery of formulation, enabling us to extend to their consumers nothing but the finest.

Esprit Provence embraces the roles of artisan soap crafters, tea artisans, and perfumers, guiding their clients on a journey to the heart of Provence’s enchanting essence.

If you would like to try the lovely products by Esprit Provence, we have new arrivals on the MFCH Boutique that you can find HERE

Written by Sarah Nusz

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