A Guide to Versailles

Oct 9, 2019 | French lifestyle, Travel in France

Versailles is a beautiful town, just 30 minutes outside of Paris, and the home of a gorgeous soap and candle brand we are proud to include in our November Holiday-themed Box: La Savonnerie Royale. It’s wonderful to visit to wander around the Chateau but also to meander around the town itself. Below we’ve included a guide to Versailles with a couple of tips, things to see and do, and delicious restaurants that are definitely worth the trip.

Tips for visiting Chateau de Versailles:

  • Buy a Passport Timed Entry ticket. Regular ticket holders stand in a long line at the entrance to the public space, but if you have a timed entry ticket, you enter through a special entrance skipping this long line.
  • Consider taking a tour. There are several different tours offered and they are a wonderful way to see different parts of the Palace. Another huge benefit, less crowds! The tour groups are small and the timing spaced so often you and 10 other people are the only ones in a room.
  • Go Early! This combined with a Passport Timed Entry ticket for 9am is the absolutely best way to see the main rooms without the crowds.

Where to eat in Versailles:

La Place – located just outside the entry gates of the Chateau, this is a great quick place to get a delicious bite to eat. A classic Brittany creperie with hip style. Another bonus, it’s open every day! 17 rue Colbert, Versailles

Chez Stefs – certainly off the beaten path and a fabulous place for lunch or dinner. Just a 5 minute walk from the Chateau down a neighborhood street, Chez Stefs is a modern bistro with a casual yet upscale vibe. On the menu, just two choices for each course all based on the best local produce. 12 rue de Vieux Versailles, Versailles

Au Chant du Coq – have a hankering for something sweet? This patisserie is the best in Versailles. Stop by the covered markets in the Notre Dame square on the way, picking up things for a picnic, and then get bread and a pastry for dessert here. 98 rue de la Paroisse, Versailles

Antique Shopping in Versailles

Au Facteur Cheval – A combination of a bookstore and antique shop. It seems like they just kept expanding every which way they could, so look out for fun little passageways. 12 rue des Etats Généraux, Versailles

Pouillon Antiquities – Just down the street from Au Facteur Cheval, go and admire the amazing pieces that have been salvaged from chateaux and incredible apartments in the area. Marble mantles, sculptures, painted wood paneling… it’s pretty amazing. 7 rue des Etats Généraux, Versailles

Shopping in Versailles

The best shopping is in two areas in Versailles. The first is around the Notre Dame covered markets on rue de la Paroisse. We would also suggest La Cours de Senteurs, a passageway near the Chateau. There you’ll find an incredible tea room, wine bar, and a boutique with all local Versailles products including our partner, La Savonnerie Royale in the November 2019 Box.

We hope you enjoyed this Guide to Versailles, perfect for your next trip.

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