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la savonnerie royale crafts soaps fit for a king

Last week for the first time, we revealed a second brand to be included in one of our quarterly boxes! La Savonnerie Royale is a Versailles-based brand making beautiful soaps and candles from high-quality ingredients and perfumes sourced from Grasse, the perfume capital in the southeast of France. Read on to learn more about the savoir-faire that goes into each one of their products, and why we’re thrilled to be working with this beautiful brand that encapsulates the elegance of French royalty.

la savonnerie royale

True to their name, La Savonnerie Royale makes soaps fit for a king (or queen!), with products made in the upper Provence region, in the traditions of Marseille soaps. All the soaps are vegetable based, but with added shea butter to nourish the skin while cleansing. The solid soaps have a fleur-de-lys pressed into them, the symbol of the French royal family, and all the beautiful white-and-gold packaging is made in France and adorned with a little golden crown.

la savonnerie royale
Photo courtesy of La Savonnerie Royale

Each of the scents of their soaps and candles are inspired by something from the Château of Versailles- either a former resident or a feature of the chateau. Marie-Antoinette’s love for roses is behind the scent Pétales d’églantine, which is a wild rose also known as sweet briar. The master perfumers in Grasse who crafted the scent also included notes of wood and musc to keep the scent grounded and not too sweet. More generally inspired by the kings and queens of France, Poudre de riz (rice powder) is a powdery floral scent that leaves a clean, subtle trace on the skin. The third scent, Le Bassin de Neptune, named for the fountain of the same name found within the gardens of Versailles, adds notes of musk and citrus to the scent of the sea for a fresh fragrance.

These same scents can perfume your home as well, thanks to the Savonnerie’s beautiful candles. Each is made with 100% vegan vegetable wax, a combination of soy, coconut and mango butter, to create an exceptional quality that will burn evenly and smoothly.

la savonnerie royale

Not only do the candles smell delicious, but some are hiding other treasures inside! Each scent comes with the option for either a bracelet with a crown charm or a necklace with a fleur-de-lys pendant. All the jewelry inside the candles are created in a Parisian workshop, are 18-karat gold plated and use Swarovski crystals. Now the difficult part is choosing which piece of jewelry you like better!

You’ll find one of La Savonnerie Royale’s liquid soaps in our November box, to add a chic touch next to any sink in your house!

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