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7 parisian home interiors we love

Parisian home interiors are known for their sophistication and charm, showcasing a blend of history and modernity that captivates its creative residents and curious visitors alike. Here, we explore 7 Parisian home interiors we love that are a great example of the city’s unique style!

7 parisian home interiors we love
photo by claire cocano

Inès de la Fressange:
The former Chanel model and fashion icon is renowned for her quintessentially Parisian style. Her home features classic French elements like elegant furnishing, antique accents, and an effortless mix of high-end décor with simple, classic pieces.

photo from jeanne damas

Jeanne Damas:
The French fashion influencer and founder of the clothing label Rouje is known for her chic Parisian apartment. It reflects her signature style with vintage furniture, soft pastel hues, and a touch of bohemian flair.

Caroline de Maigret

Caroline de Maigret:
As a model, author, and music producer, Caroline de Maigret embodies Parisian cool. Her home exudes effortless sophistication with minimalist décor, contemporary artwork, and an emphasis on natural materials.

photo by tyler joe

Sabrina Socol:
The Parisian fashion journalist and influencer’s home is a stylish retreat filled with vintage finds, eclectic artwork, and plush textiles. It showcases her love for mixing old with new elements to create a unique and inviting space.

© vincent leroux / réalisation olivier foltzer

Lenny Kravitz:
Lenny Kravitz’s Parisian sanctuary mixes his rock ‘n’ roll style with classic French elegance to create a cozy and stylish space. In the living room, old leather sofas and soft velvet poufs come together, blending classic French design with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

alix d reynis interior
photo by owen gale

Alix D. Reynis:
Alix D. Reynis’s Parisian residence is a testament to minimalist elegance and refined taste. With its clean lines, muted color palette, and curated selection of artisanal decor, the space embodies a sense of luxury. Each corner shows timeless sophistication, offering a serene space amidst the vibrant energy of the city.

photo by Matthieu salvaing

Hilary Swank:
Hilary Swank’s Parisian apartment is a great example of timeless sophistication and understated luxury. With its elegant blend of modern furnishing and classic French accents, the space offers a tranquil retreat in the heart of the bustling city.

These 7 Parisian home interiors exemplify the city’s unparalleled style and charm, each offering a unique glimpse into the art of French living. Whether classic or contemporary, these spaces showcase the timeless allure of Parisian design.

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Written by Sarah Nusz

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