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pamper yourself… the french way!

pampering yourself the french way

While we wait for the May Box to arrive, we have decided to share some ways on how to pamper yourself the French way!

We all deserve to pampered and the French have the best ways of taking care of themselves. They use the freshest products and try not to take life so seriously. So here is a list of items that we love to use to pamper ourselves.

A simple way that every French woman spoils herself is with a beautiful piece of jewelry. The French love pieces that are effortlessly chic like these gold drop pearl earrings by Gisel B.

The French also like to pamper themselves with luxurious creams. Our personal favorite is one by the iconic French brand, Goutal. This cream is enriched with shea butter and oil that effortlessly seeps into the skin to protect, repair, and deeply nourish.

Another way to spoil yourself like the French is to enjoy a bit of sugar. Having a sugary snack once and a while is very French, especially around 4 pm. The call it l’heure de goûter (snack hour). One way that the French enjoy a sweet treat is to add their favorite jam to some bread or natural yogurt.

confiture parisienne jams

French women also like to take care of themselves with a simple skincare routine. A new favorite skincare brand of ours is Mademoiselle Saint Germain.

Their products are all-natural and made from fresh ingredients that are grown in the King’s Garden of Versailles. We are happy to have them as one of the brands in our May Box! So here is your chance to test this brand and get a taste of the Box 18 before it arrives. We suggest trying their Cucumber Eye Contour!

cucumber eye contour

Even though there are many other ways the French like to pamper themselves. Our favorite has to be the art of always having a fresh bouquet of flowers in the home. There is nothing easier than having fresh flowers to brighten your day and give life to your space.

pampering yourself the french way

For French women, self-care is all about slowing down the pace of life to enjoy the small things and to do things that make them happy. We hope that you all are taking the time to do just that and have enjoyed our list of items to pamper yourself with.

If you do not have your May Box already, make sure to order yours soon! Boxes will ship in about three weeks! The theme of this box is Time for Moi-Même (Time for Me) which is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.

Click HERE to reserve yours today, or gift to a friend.

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