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mfch box 2022 resident artist

mfch box 2022 resident artist

We are very happy to announce that our resident artist of the 2022 year will be, Fabienne Delacroix.

mfch box 2022 resident artist

Fabienne Delacroix is the daughter of the Naïve painter, Michel Delacroix, and has followed in her father’s footprints in becoming a painter herself. She is most known for her paintings of the Belle Epoque era, representing scenes of Parisian or country life, French seasides, and castles of the Loire. Fabienne has mastered the art of capturing light and color that is similar to that of French impressionists.

You can find her work in galleries around the United States in Washington DC, New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, and also in Korea and Japan! She is currently showing at Hugo Galerie in New York City. Her solo exhibit titled “Un rêve de France” (A Dream of France) – will run until January 30, 2022.

For our Quarterly Boxes, she has created a collection of truly stunning paintings. There will be a new print in each Box this year that will create a lovely mini-collection at the end of the year. These paintings will be exclusive to our MFCH Boxes and will not be available on the MFCH Boutique.

To reserve your February Box and receive the first of four paintings, click HERE

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