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mademoiselle saint germain- natural french cosmetics

mademoiselle saint germain

Get ready to be impressed with Mademoiselle Saint Germain – a French cosmetics brand that offers natural products that are not only good for your skin but also the environment! We are so excited to share this brand with you, and we hope that you love them as much as we do.

mademoiselle saint germain

Mademoiselle Saint Germain was created by Charles Cracco in 2017, a pharmacist with a passion for botany and history. With his background, he created the first cosmetics brand using only French ingredients from the *King’s Vegetable Garden of Versailles. A unique partnership, Charles works exclusively with the King’s Garden for botanical research, cultivation and extraction methods.

Charles integrates his ingredients into formulas using ancient recipes, then he reworks them to meet today’s skin care needs. Each formula is rich in vitamins and has a low environmental impact.

Mademoiselle Saint Germain’s goal to only use natural, French ingredients guarantees the quality and traceability of each product. This means each product is safe for you and for the planet!

*Keep reading to learn more about the King’s Garden…

mademoiselle saint germain

The Kings Vegetable Garden of Versailles was created between 1678 and 1683 by Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie, then Director of the royal fruit and vegetable gardens, which were originally built so that Louis XIV was able to have fresh fruits and vegetables on his table each day.

Today, the garden is listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is open to the public. You can visit throughout the year and even attend cultural events, exhibitions and plays!

kings vegetable garden

If you are as impressed as we are with Mademoiselle Saint Germain, make sure to check out their products, which are absolutely divine.

You’ll find their Cucumber day Cream in our Mademoiselle Collection Box

And an entire curated selection of other products on the MFCH Boutique!

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