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Introducing Un Soir à L’Opéra

For the holidays we are thrilled to announce a new partner, coming in the November box, Christmas in Paris. Un Soir à L’Opéra is a luxury French scented candle brand that combines the two worlds of founder Katia Gortchakoff; ballet and perfume.

Katia grew up around ballet and opera, her mother being a dancer. She was entranced by the scents and magic of backstage as well as the thrill of performance and the romance of details. She wanted to create a line of candles, dedicated to this world, capturing some of the effervescence of performances such as “The Nutcracker”, “Swan Lake”, and “Romeo & Juliet”.

Each candle is made of 100% natural vegetable oil, with luxury fragrances inspired by the classical world of grand opera houses.

The brand has been called an olfactive symphony, reminiscent of another time. We look forward to you receiving your November box, and letting us know what you think of the special surprise from Un Soir à L’Opéra.

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