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Oct 29, 2019 | Tradition

Here at My Stylish French Box, we’re not just sending you a box full of French products- our goal is to send you a full French experience, from the scent upon opening the box right down to the last beautifully wrapped gift inside. This is why we’re always thrilled to hear when someone has created their own traditions around opening the box! With a cheese board, perhaps, or a glass of French wine, the possibilities are endless for enhancing the unboxing experience.

So how do other My Stylish French Box subscribers open their boxes? Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the arrival of your November box (which you can still purchase HERE):

“I open mine with my two girls who are 8 and 5 years old. They simply love what’s in mommy’s “fancy box”!” -Laura

“My husband knew how excited I was and… I wanted us to open it together. He made a fire and set out a cheese plate and with a glass of wine in hand I opened it when I came home from work.” -Elizabeth

@mrs_arringtonbaldwin- box opening traditions- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX
Photo via @mrs_arringtonbaldwin on Instagram

“I take it directly to my kitchen island and unwrap it very slowly!” – Louise

Read about two sisters who open their boxes together over Skype HERE!

“The first thing I do when I open the white box is inhale. I know that a delightful fragrance will greet me even before I open the tissue. This sets the mood for opening the contents.” -Vicky

box opening traditions- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX

“I bought one for myself, one for my mum and one for my daughter, so I had to wait until I got everyone together… We had such a lovely time opening it together. I made a special table with little appetizers, and I even opened a bottle of bubbles! We sat together and opened each item slowly, reading the brochure as we went.” -Patricia

Do you have any fun box opening traditions? Share them with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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