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une olive en provence

We love the story of Une Olive en Provence.  It began many decades ago when Jean Baptiste’s parents bought an olive grove in the south of France, and started to produce and sell their own delicious olive oil.

 Jean Baptiste grew up surrounded by olive trees, and fully immersed in the culture of olive growing and the beneficial effects of olive oil.

Fast forward to 2010 and Jean Baptiste convinced the love of his life Anabel to leave her career in Paris and travel back down to the south of France to les Alpilles with him, their project was to develop the family olive production and create a new cosmetics company using the olives produced on their farm

Using the olive tree as the base of the entire line, the couple  began experimenting with different products. Due to the naturally soft texture, delicate fragrance and elastic properties, the olive proved a perfect key ingredient. The olive is unique in that different parts of the tree provide different properties. Olive blossom extracts for instance, have regenerative properties. Extra-virgin olive oil strengthens the protective function of the skin while the olive squalane boosts hydration and restores lipids. Olive leaf extracts,, are rich in chlorophyll and provide antioxidants.

Through careful science, collaboration with a local laboratory and the purest extraction techniques, Annabel and Jean-Baptiste have created  a line of skin products that i moisturize, sooth, soften, regenerate, toning and yet contain harmful chemicals. And because Annabel and Jean-Baptiste are purists, they do not test on animals and they reject parabens and phenoxyethanol.

For this box we have chosen two of our favourite products, the Body Scrub, which will leave your skin soft and smooth, and smelling divine, and the olive soap, pretty enough to use in a guest bathroom, sweet smelling enough to make your everyday a little more special.


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