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french market baskets – style inspiration

In France, the market bag is a staple of daily life for practical and style purposes. Women use their market bags of all sizes for picking up daily produce, toting mail to the post office and packing quick weekend essentials.

Before the Hermes bag, Jane Birkin, among other icons such as Brigitte Bardot, wore market bags and made them fashion staples.

In recent years, the bag has made a comeback as a fashion accessory, with high end designers creating their own versions, and adding colorful textures or luxurious leather detailing.

The traditional bag naturally comes in many different sizes and shapes, from the large everything tote, to circular disc bags, small woven vegetable bags and everything in between.

In our August “Summer in Provence” box, we’ve added a smaller version of the traditional market bag, because they are equally useful for displaying fruits, vegetables or even toiletries in  home.

And if you feel inspired to shop at your farmers market French style, then remember to take the right accessories!





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