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My Stylish French Box Ambassador Program

My Stylish French Box was born out of my love for sharing products with people all over the world that experience that same joy of la vie française. We are proud to introduce to you our ambassador program that continues to spread that joy. We started it several months ago as a way to thank the people that helped grow our business simply through genuine conversations with those around them whether it be sending a message to a friend, opening the box together over tea, giving some of the items as gifts, or a Marie Antoinette themed cocktail party!

One of our favorites has to be Linda and Kristina, the sister duo that would open an item each day together over Skype.

So many of our box purchases are made because of this. It’s really the best kind of advertising we could ever ask for! So as a thank you, we decided to offer a way to keep track of those orders coming in from those around you and to offer you a free box in return when you refer 10 friends who purchase a box.

If you’d like to join and become a My Stylish French Box Ambassador, visit this link: Ambassador Program.


Once accepted, we just check to make sure you’re a client, and then you’ll receive access to our Ambassador space on our website. There you can find creatives you can print out easily to hand to friends and a place to keep track of how close you are to a free box. We’ll also email you your Ambassador code as well to pass out for people to enter at checkout to make sure the purchase is attributed to you.

Every quarter we’ll send you a little email with updates and information about the upcoming box.

We’re so excited to get our clients more involved, and we hope you’ll join us in this venture!




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