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confiture parisienne: high-quality jams

confiture parisienne brunch

Passionate and bold, Nadège and Laura create high-quality jams through Confiture Parisienne.

Conceived as haute-gamme collections, their small white enameled jars contain a treasure of refinement for the gourmands. They use seasonal fruits that are chosen with care and worked in small quantities by hand.

They create different fun flavors that take the taste buds for a ride. Such as tomato and thyme, apricot and aniseed, with touches of vanilla and a few tonka beans. Their recipes will surprise and delight even the finest palates.

The next time you are in Paris, make sure to stop by their beautiful boutique and grab one of their delightful jams or stop and have brunch!

Confiture Parisienne
17 Avenue Daumesnil
75012 PARIS

Open Tuesday – Friday: 11:30-7:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:00-7:00 pm

confiture parisienne jams

If you had the chance to receive one of our February Boxes, then you know how delicious their jams are! If you haven’t, we have a few boxes of their delicious jams on the MFCH Boutique.

To purchase, simply click HERE!

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