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typical foods of the savoie region

foods in the savoie region

Our November Box is all about Chalet Living and it would not be complete without a food guide of typical foods of the Alps region!

The typical foods of the Savoie region of France originate from a time when mountain villages were isolated for months during long, snowy winters. Villagers survived then off the Alpine food they could produce themselves and preserve throughout the season. Since then, recipes have been passed down the generations and are still served in homes and restaurants today! Here are some of our favorites!

Fondue Savoyarde

typical foods of the savoie region

Fondue Savoyarde is one of the most popular dishes from the French region of Savoie. This dish is made with a combination of melted cheese, usually, Gruyére, Beaufort, Emmental, and Comté, mixed with flour to thicken, garlic, and a glug of alcohol (traditionally white wine). It is typically served with small pieces of bread to soak up all the delicious melted cheese.


typical foods of the savoie region

Raclette cheese is a semi-firm, salted cheese, traditionally made with cow’s milk. It is served/created at the table using a warm grill and individual grill plates for each person. Once the cheese is ready and starting to brown on the top, it is enjoyed with small potatoes, small pickles, pickled onions, bread, and dried meats.

La Tartiflette

typical foods of the savoie region

La Tartiflette is a mouth-watering combination of gratinated potatoes, white wine, Reblochon cheese, onions, smoked salt pork, and often crème fraîche. This dish is baked in the oven until the cheese is brown on top. It may sound basic, but don’t knock it until you have tried it!

Le Farçon

le farcon

Le Farçon is a must-try dish when you are in the French Alps. It is composed of potato cake that is smothered in a cream and dotted with prunes and raisins, all wrapped in bacon.



Diots are Savoyard pork sausages spiced with nutmeg. Sometimes they are smoked or filled with extra ingredients like cheese or cabbage. They are usually grilled or sautéed with onion and white wine and served or potatoes or polenta.

Tarte aux Myrtilles

tarte aux myrtilles

Tarte aux Myrtilles, or blueberry tart, is one of the most popular desserts in the French Alps. It is available at almost every restaurant or bakery. Sometimes it is even served with genepy ice cream which is made from local herbal liqueur that tastes like chamomile.

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