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February box hit and exceeded the mark!

I just opened my February box. I loved everything that arrived in the box! I can’t wait to sit down and peruse the Extraordinary Collections book. Everything in the box is useful and beautiful. I especially loved the candles and holders. I am looking forward to using the hand soap on my sourced from Provence […]

Another treasure box

This box has a lot of delightful gifts to keep and use or to share as gifts. I highly recommend this treasure box.   ________   Bonjour, Thank you for your enthusiastic review! We’re thrilled to hear that you found our treasure box filled with delightful gifts worth keeping or sharing. Your satisfaction is our […]

So lovely items

This was my first one-time purchase MFCH box. It was so wonderful to open this box. All the items were so lovely and really beatifully packaged. I will do quartely subscription by May. Thank you.   ________   Bonjour, We’re thrilled to hear that your first MFCH box exceeded expectations! Your satisfaction means the world […]

A Breath of Perfumed Air

I agree that it would be nice to make some personal choices but that would eliminate the element of surprise, which is one of the greatest charms of this box. It would be hard to know scent preferences anyway, without the ability to give them all a sniff. That being said, I was mostly enchanted […]

More choice for long time subscribers.

Being a long time subscriber, as a perk, I would love to have the option for subscribers of say 5 years or so be given a palate choice. I much prefer items of color to be in the pastel range, esp the pinks and purples. Often on looking through the booklet I see an item […]

Beautifully packaged! Some strongly scented items. Pretty nice overall

This was my first box and i was really excited to see what delights were inside. I was happy with most of it. I could smell the insides before I opened the box. A couple things were too perfumed-I prefer more natural smells, like FRENCH LAVENDER! Even honey or something that smelled like the ocean […]

Always charming always a wonderful surprise!

It is so nice to receive nice surprises. There are so many surprises in the world that are not so nice, so it’s great when you can give yourself a gift every few months that is always a charming welcome. I smile whenever I open these boxes. many times I will take things from it […]

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