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how to host like a parisian


Parisian dinner parties are renowned for their effortless elegance and a certain je ne sais quoi that leaves guests enchanted. Recreating this sophisticated atmosphere in your own home doesn’t require a Michelin-star chef or a wardrobe full of haute couture. With a few key elements, you can host a soirée just like a Parisian.


Culinary Delights:
No Parisian dinner party is complete without delectable cuisine. Embrace the art of simplicity with classic dishes that you know well. Consider serving a selection of small bites paired with champagne or wine before dinner. Don’t forget a divine dessert – perhaps a Tatin or light and airy soufflé.

Effortless Decor:
Parisian style is all about understated glamour. Opt for a neutral color palette with subtle pops of gold or pastels. Fresh flowers, particularly peonies or roses, arranged in simple vases, add a touch of natural beauty. You can also try mismatched vintage plates and silverware for an eclectic yet refined table setting.


Art of Conversation:
Engaging conversation is the heartbeat of any Parisian gathering. Encourage lively discussions by creating an intimate seating arrangement that fosters connection. Prepare a list of intriguing conversation starters or share fascinating anecdotes about French culture, literature, or art.

photo by franck schmitt

A Toast to Elegance:
No Parisian dinner party is complete without a carefully chosen selection of wines. If you can, offer a variety of reds, whites, and champagne to complement your menu. Make a toast with genuine warmth and sincerity, raising your glass to celebrate friendship and the joy of shared moments.


Timeless Music:
Create a playlist featuring timeless French chansons or classical tunes to set the mood. Consider artists like Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, or Django Reinhardt for an authentic Parisian ambiance.

Click HERE for our curated playlist.

By incorporating these elements into your dinner party, you will have your guests feeling like they are in the heart of Paris with new and old friends. So channel your inner Parisian and let the soirée begin!

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Written by Sarah Nusz

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