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Duvelleroy and the fans of the Queen

Founded in Paris in 1827 by Jean-Pierre Duvelleroy, the Duvelleroy fan house sought to bring back the iconic feminine accessory. All it took was one ball, organized by the Duchess de Berry, and the fan victoriously made its comback in society, with a little push from House of Duvelleroy. It didn’t take long for the delicately crafted and gorgeous hand pieces to become a symbol of the French elite.

Duvelleroy became the official supplier to the Queens, starting with Queen Victoria, and created the fans that were gifted to spouses of statesmen during their official visits to France. These included the Empress of Austria, Queen of Sweden, Queen of Denmark and the Queen of Bulgaria. The House also created Eugénie de Montijo’s fan for her wedding with Napoleon III, and the white ostrich feather fan worn by the Queen of Egypt at her wedding in 1938.

After the War, fans were no longer worn in the West, for reason that they seemed over-the-top and unnecessary. Luckily, the inheritor of the Duvelleroy legacy conserved the pleated moulds, vintage fans, sketches and patterns from the famous fan house for a future revival.

Years later, Eloïse Gilles and Raphaëlle de Panafieu, two life long fan lovers, came together and forged a dream to resuscitate couture fans by bringing Duvelleroy back to life. By preserving the archives and reimagining the historical fans as modern accessories, Duvelleroy has been revived and is regaining its place in the imaginations and hands of women of all ages and nationalities.

The fan you received in your February box is an original Duvelleroy creation from France, made of paper and beech wood.

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