cooking classes in paris

Feb 3, 2022 | Uncategorized

With our February Box curated around the theme, Le French Chef, we wanted to share some of the best cooking classes in Paris with you.

For aspiring domestic chefs, there are few better places to hone your skills and expand your cooking know-how than the world’s culinary capital, Paris. Thanks to the rich and prestigious gastronomy, it deserves its notoriety. So the next time that you travel to Paris, make sure you bookmark this article because we have searched for the best English-speaking cooking classes in Paris so that you can enjoy this friendly activity in the best spots of the capital. That way, when you go home, you can always have a bit of France at your fingertips.

First, we have Alain Ducasse Cooking School

cooking classes in paris

Alain Ducasse is the first French chef to receive three Michelin stars and invites you to his culinary school for you to learn or improve your French gastronomy skills.

The school is located in the heart of the 16th district and features four kitchen workshops and common areas that are all centered around a bright patio. You will undoubtedly be awestruck by the magnificent setting.

We suggest the Batch Cooking Classes (cooking in advance for 1 week)

Price: €170 per person

Next, we have Cook’n with Class

cookin with class

According to Tripadvisor, Cook’n with class is one of the best cooking classes in Paris.

They are located in the 18th district and offer classes in which you will discover easy and effective recipes. Each class is started with a glass of your choice before jumping into the cooking and eventually taking your creations!

For this class, we suggest the French Maret Tour & Cooking Class

Prices range from €55 – €189 per person.

Last, but certainly not least, we have La Cuisine Paris.

cooking classes in paris

You will find La Cuisine Paris in the heart of the Marais. Here, you will learn some simple and effective recipes that will be unforgettable and always useful. They offer numerous French cuisine classes from pastries to technical, to food tours around Paris. Their kitchen resembles a home kitchen so that gusts feel at home.

We suggest taking their French Macaron class that is open to beginners and people with advanced skills.

Prices are determined by the length of classes ranging from €60 – €99

If you decide to take one of these cooking classes in Paris, make sure to let us know!

And for all of our inspiring chefs out there, make sure to reserve your February Box!
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