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Jun 30, 2021 | French lifestyle

Here at MFCH, we love a delicious French breakfast and with that, comes setting a beautiful table! If you would like to recreate this very French table chez toi, we have everything you need on the MFCH Boutique.

When having breakfast in most homes or restaurants in France, you will typically be offered some form of bread with a choice of jams, honey, or butter and accompanied by a hot beverage such as coffee or tea. They do not typically eat eggs or meats with their breakfast but this, of course, changes with the influences of trends and personal preferences.

Here is a bit of French breakfast vocabulary to use the next time you are in France:

Le petit-dejuner – breakfast
Du pain – bread
Pain de mie – sandwich bread
Une tartine – bread with topping (such as jam, butter, or nutella)
De la confiture – jam
Du miel – honey
Du beurre – butter
Un café – a coffee
Du thé – tea
Du lait – milk
Un jus de fruits – a fruit juice
Du sucre – sugar

Here is all you need to Frenchify your breakfast table:

This 12 glass wicker basket is new to the MFCH Boutique and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you! Made in France, this basket will help you serve glasses with ease and style to your guests and they make for easy cleanup!

We love a good basket to serve our bread in and this rectangular wicker basket is ideal just for that! With its large size, you will be able to pile the bread in to feed the whole crew. To keep crumbs from getting caught in the wicker, we love to use these floral print napkins.

For lovers, this French bread heart basket is great for using when it is just the two of you (although it could be used for more). Alongside the basket, we have olive wood butter knives. These easy-to-clean knives come in a pack of four so you can spread them out over the table for your different toppings.

It is important to keep hot items elevated off of your tablecloth to prevent burns. We love these wicker tart racks to do just that! They are pretty enough to bring from the kitchen to the table. You can also place your teapot on them as we have with the Salam teapot by Degrenne.

Visit the MFCH Boutique for more!

We hope that you enjoy our MFCH breakfast table!

We love to see how you style your tables at home with our products, so make sure to tag @mfchbox on social media or email us your photos at

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