box n° 9- february 2019

Feb 26, 2019 | Teaser

The beginning of a new year is always exciting- new boxes, new themes, and new artists! When putting together our Parisienne box, we envisioned a little piece of Paris that we could send straight to your doorstep, full of gifts that would bring out your inner Parisienne. Things you can wear, use or carry with you on a regular basis, a piece of Paris to have in your handbag, gently perfuming your living room, or even on your head.

We would love to see how you incorporate these items into your daily lives, so tag us on Facebook or Instagram, and check out our Reviews page to read others’ reviews or to leave one of your own!

Beret from Le Béret Français- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

A beret from Le Béret Français: Dior and Chanel brought this classic topper back into style over the last couple of years, and now they are a frequent sight on the streets of Paris! This beauty is made in Bayonne,southwest France, and is 100% wool to withstand the tests of time.

Notecards from Jean-Jacques Sempé- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

A boxed set of notecards from Jean-Jacques Sempé: This beautiful set of notecards features Sempé’s classic illustrations of Parisian scenes, the chicest way to leave a note for a friend, loved one or colleague, write a reminder or list, or attach to a gift!

Perfume and case from Annick Goutal- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

A handbag perfume from Annick Goutal: A Parisian woman can be identified as much by her perfume as her appearance. This beautiful little bottle is a Parisian classic, with one of two of Annick Goutal’s timeless scents included in each box, and the gold case ensures that you’ll always have your favorite scent with you even on the go!

Rose Pompon shower gel from Annick Goutal- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

Because of shipping restrictions, our clients in New Zealand, Australia and Canada received a different Annick Goutal product, namely a divine shower nectar, in the scent Rose Pompon.

Red lip balm from Pierre Ricaud- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

The perfect red lip balm from Pierre Ricaud: Often a light wash of color is perfect to brighten up your face, especially when you don’t want to commit to a red lipstick. Because this balm was developed by a beauty company focused on skincare, you’ll be caring for your lips as well!

Watercolor from Jean-Jacques Sempé- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

This month’s watercolor print: We are thrilled to have the legendary Jean-Jacques Sempé as our artist in residence for the year, and in a beautiful homage to this box’s theme, he has painted a Parisienne in a blue dress crossing the Alexandre III bridge in Paris.

6ème arrondissement candle from La Note Parisienne- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

A scented candle from La Note Parisienne: This deliciously scented candle will bring you right back to Paris’s timelessly chic 6th arrondissement. The scent is structured like a perfume, with head, heart and base notes, ensuring a multi-dimensional scent that will beautifully  perfume any room in your home.

Vintage pill box- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

An antique pill box: Our brocante item for this box are these adorable pillboxes. No two are the same, and we love imagining what they might have held- and what you might put in yours! An heirloom ring from your great-grandmother, perhaps, or a necklace to pass on to your daughter or goddaughter?

Pochette from Odile- My Stylish French Box February 2019- La Parisienne

A Paris-printed pochette from Odile Baillouel: We’re big fans of pochettes- they keep things so organized in such a lovely way! These Paris-printed ones are unique to My Stylish French Box as they feature a photo taken by Sharon during the filming of our Parisienne video. If you ever see someone else with one, you’ll know she must be a My Stylish French Box subscriber!

So there you have it, our February 2019 Parisienne box! What was your favorite item in the box?

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