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our new Artisans of France box!

We are very happy to announce a new addition to the family, our Artisans of France box!


You tell us how much you love the  artisan creators or manufacturers that we include in our boxes.   This new box is the ideal way of focussing on one specific brand at a time.


The Artisan Box is a one-time purchase only.  Every two months we will highlight a particular brand or creator, and show you their products and the exclusive price that we have obtained for you.   Each box will be a limited edition, and delivery times may vary from one box to the next according to the manufacturing requirements of the brand.  The contents of this box will not be secret.  We will show you exactly what the offer comprises, and sometimes you will have a choice of colors too.


For our first box, we are taking you back to the Manufacture de Digoin.  Their stoneware bowl was a favourite item for many of our clients who received the August box last year.   For My Stylish French Box, they have produced a small set of items in two color options.

In either green or white, you can purchase a leaf jug, three stoneware bowls and two coffee cups.    The sizes of the items are listed below.  To purchase simply go to our SHOP page and click on the Artisans of France button.  From their you can choose which colour way you prefer and make your purchase.

Please note that this set is being made especially for My Stylish French Box and that there will be a short delay between ordering and receiving the products.  We expect the Digoin box to ship late March/early April.

cover of my french country home magazine

And then if gets even better!    ……. Today we launch our My French Country Home Magazine.  This is a bi-monthly digital publication full of beautiful photos and articles about authentic French living.   If you subscribe to the magazine, or if you have purchased this first issue, then you’ll find an article all about the Manufacture de Digoin, and also a coupon code giving you a $35 discount on this Artisan Box!

We told you that 2019 was going to be fun!!

So just to recap, if you’d like to purchase the boxed Digoin set at the price of $230 click HERE, and if you would like to get a $35 discount then pop over HERE to purchase our new magazine, and come back with your coupon code  to apply to your purchase.

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