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cire trudon and the fine art of candlemaking

cire trudon and the fine art of candlemaking- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX

The full version of this article originally appeared in the March/April edition of the My French Country Home Magazine. To subscribe and read, click HERE– and check pages 66-67 for a discount on our Artisans of France box sets from Cire Trudon!

Cire Trudon has upheld the art of traditional wax making since 1643. This royal manufacturer has stood the test of time by preserving its artisanal production and using the purest materials in its Le Perche factory.

cire trudon and the fine art of candlemaking- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX

A Rainbow of Delicate Colors

Cire Trudon offers taper candles a range of rainbow colors, dubbed by the brand as “Madeleine”. Unscented, they are made with the finest quality wax that doesn’t drip and burns slowly. From bright pink to azure blue and burgundy plum, “Madeleines” are artisanally produced in over 20 different colors.

The Finest Quality

At the Trudon factory, while machines are now used for many tasks, the most important are still done by hand and largely by women. They are responsible for the final steps in the candle’s journey, including the all-important personalization.

cire trudon and the fine art of candlemaking- MY STYLISH FRENCH BOX

A Regal History

The Cire Trudon story began over 350 years ago. In the 17th century, Claude Trudon owned a boutique on Paris’s rue Saint-Honore, where he worked as a grocer and candlemaker. The Cire Trudon shield is inspired by a stone carving located on the brand’s former manufacturing site in Antony, south of Paris. Today, it is a convent.

Meticulously Manufactured

Made in Italy, the brand’s distinctive glass containers were inspired by the shape of a champagne bucket. Vegetable wax, pure cotton wicks and subtle scents created in Grasse are the key Trudon signatures. In their candles, excellence equals elegance.

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The Harlequin set comes with 4 full-size candles: 1 Giambattista Valli Rose Poivrée candle, 1 Giambattista Valli Positano candle, 1 Esterel Belle Matière candle, and 1 Abd El Kader candle. This set is priced at $390 (retail value $440).

The Two Plus Two Set comes with 2 full-sized candles and a boxed set of mini candles: 1 Giambattista Valli Positano candle, 1 Nazareth or Ernesto candle, and 1 box set of mini Abd El Kader and Ernesto candles. This set is priced at $315 (retail value $330).

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