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Jun 9, 2022 | Travel in France

Ever wanted to vacation like the French? Well, now you can with our list of the best summer destinations in France!

Summer is a fantastic time to visit France. The warmer weather, bright shining sun, amazing food, and relaxed lifestyle are guaranteed in any French summer vacation.

However, picking a new destination in France isn’t easy – there are just too many good choices. We should know, we live in France and we still can never decide on where to go for the next long weekend.

To help you out, we have curated the five best places to visit in France that you may not have been to yet. These destinations are great for either a summer break or a more extended France summer vacation.



Biarritz was once a sleepy French fishing town but it has transformed into one of the best places in France to visit in the summer. Regardless of where you stay, you will be only a few minutes away from the sea. With such easy sea access, it makes Biarritz a great place for surfing. Even if you aren’t catching waves, it sure is fun to watch others.

The best way to spend your time here is to enjoy the lazy mornings, have long meals in trendy places by the seaside, and spend the day by the beach perfecting your tan before heading home to get ready for dinner in town – le vie est belle!

Where to stay – Hôtel du Palais Biarritz
1 av. de L’Impératrice, 64200 Biarritz
+33 05 59 41 12 34


albi france
photo by travel real France

Located on the Tarn River, Albi is perhaps most famous for the Sainte Cecile Cathedral. An extraordinary example of Gothic architecture which is also home to some rather valuable frescos. This breathtaking cathedral presides over Episcopal City, an enclosed quarter dating back to the Middle Ages which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A fun thing to do in the summer is to visit the vineyards – they are absolutely amazing! Be sure to take some time on your trip to soak up the scenery and, of course, wine too!

Where to stay: Hotel Alchimy
12 pl. du Palais, 81000 Albi, France
+33 05 63 76 18 18

Porquerolles Islands

Porquerolles islands
photo by excellence riviera

This small island village is located approximately a half an hour’s drive from sunny Saint Tropez. It is well known for its excellent wine and fantastic food. As well as its clear blue beaches and relaxed vibe. Be prepared to walk here because there are no cars allowed!

This off-the-beaten-path destination is the best place to turn off your phones and enjoy the scenery and simple way of life. There are a huge number of stalls set up by locals showcasing their best wines, produce, cheese, and other regional favorites. So grab what looks best to you and head to one of the beaches for a perfect day in the sun!

Where to stay: Hotel Les Medes
2 rue de la Douane, 83400, Porquerolles Islands, France
+33 04 94 12 41 24



Sete is a large, cosmopolitan town between the Etang de Thau and the Mediterranean, referred to by the locals as the Venice of Languedoc. It is the largest fishing port of the French Mediterranean coast.

In the summer, it is best to explore both parts of this fishing town. One side is the port side with the criss-cross canals and bridges and the other side is called Mont St Clair. If you are wanting a bit of a workout during your holiday, climbing up Mont St Clair is relatively steep but is worth the views! After you take in the views, you can head back down to one of the wonderful beaches where you can post up and relax.

Where to stay: Villa Emerald
38 rue de la Brise Marine, 34200 Sete, France

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