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rose et marius: artisinal luxury


Rose et Marius is a luxurious artisanal brand that uses the finest porcelain and wax to create beautiful, hand-crafted, scented candles.

rose et marius: artisinal luxury

Founded by Magali Fleurquin-Bonnard, Rose et Marius was created with a desire to maintain regional traditions by offering beautiful luxurious products. Products like their scented candles that recall the unique atmosphere of the old 19th-century Provencal ‘bastides’ and a certain art of living.

rose et marius: artisinal luxury

Inspired by the multi-colored cement tiles that decorated the floors of Magali’s grandmother’s home in Provence. Rose et Marius features a range of exquisite, limited-edition Limoges porcelain tumblers. Every porcelain candle is entirely made by local artists with great talent. Each tumbler can be combined with a choice of delightful scents such as vin rosé or fennel blossom that will transport you to the realms of life in Provence.

ROSE ET MARIUS recharges

Once the candle is finished, it is possible to recharge it with the scent of your choice or alternatively use it to hold pencils on a desk or makeup brushes on your vanity.

You can find the candle recharges HERE

If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful hand-crafted candles, you can now purchase one on the MFCH Boutique, HERE

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