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bérard: true french craftsmanship


Most of you will recognize the name Bérard from our February Box. We included one of their beautiful olive wood salt pots with serving spoon.

After so many of you shared how much you love Bérard, we have decided to share a bit more information on this iconic French brand!

Since 1892, Bérard has specialized in the craftsmanship of beautiful boards and kitchen utensils made from French olive wood. Located in the mountains of Royans, France, Bérard has forged a special link with olive and noble woods in the area. Upheld by the age-old French know-how, their craftsmen have developed products according to the art of living Franch cuisine, the spirit of sharing and merriment. Over the years they have become a guarantee of authenticity, and reliability.

Every Bérard item is produced by respecting nature that surrounds us so that the next generation can enjoy the beauty that we have come to know. Building on years of craftsmanship, they utilize the branches of trees to create their products while still allowing the tree to continue to grow and thrive for centuries to come. With each branch that is cut, they are sure to use 100% of what is taken in their products. Any small pieces that are leftover or are not suitable for production, are used to heat the drying chamber where their products are cured; it is also used as a heating source for their facilities and buildings in the winter.

To care for your olive pieces, make sure to prevent the wood from drying out. You can do this by regularly applying food-safe mineral oil or beeswax. Make sure to store in a room temperature area, wood can warp or crack if exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity. Never soak in water or place in the dishwasher, we suggest cleaning your olive wood items with lukewarm water with dish soap and dry immediately.

We hope that you love Bérard as much as we do! Continue scrolling to see what other products that we have available from Bérard on the MFCH Bouique.

Here are some of our favorite olive wood items –

olive knives

Set of 4 speading knives – easy to store and ideal for spreading butter, honey, jam, or your favorite spread on toast.

Purchase HERE

Olive Spoon – use one of these spoons as a very French way to serve your olives at your next apéro!

Click HERE to purchase

olive wood mortar and pestle

Motar and Pestle – pretty enough to display on a kitchen shelf and sturdy enough to grind your favortie spices.

Get yours, HERE

Olive Wood Citrus Squeezer

Citrus Saueezer – use this squeezer as a quick and easy way to juice your favorite citrus.

Click HERE to purchase

heart shaped board

Heart-shaped serving board – serve your guests with love by using this adorable heart-shaped serving board.

Click HERE to purchase

salt pot

Salt pot with searving spoon – a salt pot with a swiviling lid that secures with a small magnet and the serving spoon fits inside for easy use.

Purchase HERE

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