Mariage Frères

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A truly French luxury and heritage company, Mariage Frères was established in 1854, and is widely considered one of the finest tea houses and brands in the world. 

The universe of Mariage Frères is one of flavor, the finest ingredients, and long standing relationships with the great tea estates of the world. The family business has been working in the tea business, and mastering the art of fine tea since the reign of King Louis XIV. Today Mariage Frères are known as the premiere brand for unique and exotic tea blends, as well as elevating French tea culture to new heights.

Founded by brothers Henri and Edouard Mariage, Mariage Frères was born in the later 17th century, during a time when the French East India Company were exploring distant lands for exotic goods. The brothers voyaged on behalf of the royal court to Madagascar, Persia and India. They became pioneers in the luxury tea trade, beginning a 130 year tradition of a family business, that continues to exist as the present day Mariage Frères Tea Company. The Paris tea rooms of Mariage Frères remain a bastion of a past society that has developed into a modern company, paying homage to the aesthetics, history and flavors of another time.

We selected Esprit de Noel, a festive tea blended specially for the occasion. This edition is flavored with mild Christmas spices, including pieces of orange zest and vanilla that embody holiday.


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