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couleur chanvre

Couleur Chanvre is an eco line of soft goods and bed linens based in St Jean de Luz. 

Couleur Chanvre is a brand of bedlinen made from hemp with traditional workshops located in St Jean de Luz, in the heart of France’s Basque Country.

Although hemp was used for nearly 3,000 years, it all but disappeared in the 50s, falling victim to the chemical industry lobby. For the founders of Couleur Chanvre, the choice of this eco-friendly fibre was a given.

Each production stage takes place in France; the hemp  is grown and shelled in Normandy, and the weaving, tailoring and the crucial dyeing process takes place in St Jean de Luz. Each of the Couleur Chanvre artisans is passionate about this incomparable natural fibre and many use ancient methods for weaving and dying.

Produced with passion and expertise, we hope you will love this hemp fibre and find it to be natural and breathable.

Couleur Chanvre brings nature, in all its pure and simple beauty, into your home.

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