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kusmi tea: a brief history

kusmi tea - a brief history

Kusmi Tea is a chic (now) Parisian tea brand with Russian roots.

Kusmi’s story began in 1867 in Saint Peterburg by Pavel Koumichoff. He was a young man from a peasant family but once he became the owner of a small tea house, he became one of the wealthiest in Russia.

As a young Russian, Pavel traveled around the world, which gave him the idea to combine the most fragrant flavors to create unique teas. These unique teas arrived in Paris during the Russian revolution when he left his family to find a home in France.

Today, Kusmi Tea is produced and packed in Normandy, France, and is distributed in over 100 boutiques across the world.

kusmi tea

We absolutely love Kusmi Tea and with temperatures dropping, there is no better time to enjoy their delicious tea!

If you received our May Box, you may recognize this brand and have enjoyed our personal selection of teas. This set included Earl Grey, English Breakfast, and Green Tea with Rose.

The best way to enjoy this loose leafed tea is to use a tea strainer or a teapot with a built-in strainer to avoid leaf bits in your cup. We personally love the Degrenne Salam teapot. This iconic teapot has an integrated strainer that makes your tea preparation a breeze. There is also a built-in thermal to keep your tea warm all day long!

Click HERE to purchase our selection of Kusmi Tea and click HERE to order a Degrenne Teapot.

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