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the essential guide to french country kitchens

the essential guide to french country kitchens

A French country kitchen embodies charm, elegance, and rustic warmth, creating a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere. This style draws inspiration from the French countryside, specifically the Provence region. These key elements below are what make a French country kitchen unique and recognizable. 1. Natural materials – Play a crucial role in French country kitchens. Wooden […]

10 essential ingredients in french country cooking

french cheese board

French country cooking is celebrated for its simplicity, richness, and focus on local ingredients. Rooted in tradition and characterized by rustic flavors, this culinary style brings out the best in fresh produce and seasonal items. Here are 10 essential ingredients that define French country cuisine, each bringing a unique touch to dishes. 1. Garlic: Garlic […]

box n°31 theme reveal

box n°31 theme reveal

We are thrilled to unveil the 31st edition of My French Country Home Box, curated around the theme, French Country Cuisine. This collection of French treasures invites you to savor the rustic flavors and convivial ambiance of a traditional French kitchen. Picture yourself in a cozy kitchen filled with the aroma of fresh herbs, the […]

box 30 reveal

may box - french garden party

Inside the Box N°30, you will discover a curated selection of luxurious French items carefully chosen to delight and inspire. From artisanal treasures to exquisite items for you and your home. Each surprise has been thoughtfully selected to evoke the essence of a French Garden Party. Inside you will find… A bar of hand soap […]

supporting small businesses together


Supporting Small Businesses: A Heartfelt Thank You from My French Country Home: At My French Country Home, the love and support for our small business means the world to us! Every purchase, every kind word, and every mention on social media helps us continue to bring the charm of French country living to your doorstep. […]

five french glassware brands we love


French glassware is an essential element in creating an elegant and authentic French dining experience. Whether you’re aiming to infuse your kitchen with French charm or elevate your table setting, the finest French glassware brands effortlessly blend tradition with contemporary design and exquisite craftsmanship. Here are five French glassware brands we love! La Rochère: Established […]

iconic features in french gardens

photo by Philippe Jarrigeon

French gardens have some of the most iconic details that captivate visitors worldwide. From formal parterres to ornate fountains, each element adds to the allure of these enchanting landscapes. Today we will explore some of the beauty and elegance of French garden design! Formal Parterres: One of the defining features of French gardens is the […]

bienaimé: timeless elegance


In the realm of cosmetics, Bienaimé distinguishes itself with its timeless & elegant packaging, thoughtfully selected ingredients, and commitment to eco-consciousness. The brand’s philosophy intertwines a deep appreciation for beauty with a commitment to preserving our planet’s precious resources. From sustainable packaging to transparent ingredients sourcing, Bienaimé embodies a holistic approach to beauty that resonates […]

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