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atelier st eustache: chic socks

atelier st eustache

If you are one of our Quarterly Subscribers, you will most likely recognize this sock brand: Atelier St Eustache.

atelier st eustache: chic socks

Atelier St Eustache was created by a woman entrepreneur, Violette Prost. During an architectural study in Tokyo, Japan, Violette discovered her love for Japanese design and architecture, particularly the minimalism and attention to detail, which are characteristic of her personal style.

violette st eustache

Inspired by her experience in Japan, Violette returned to France and started Atelier St Eustache, a luxurious sock brand specializing in minimalist and elegant accessories for the modern woman. Her products are designed to be functional yet beautiful, with a focus on simple designs made with excellent materials which make them perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions.

atelier st eustache: chic socks

The thing that makes her socks so special is not just their unique design, but their high-quality fabrics. She uses a transparent thread thick enough to last over time, but also silky so that it is pleasant on the skin. The socks are then reinforced at the toe and heel to prevent rubbing and holes. Sometimes the sole is also padded with extra fabric for increased comfort. Lastly, they use a supreme elastic material that is tight enough to hold at the ankle but not too tight so it does not cut off circulation.

If you love this brand as much as we do, be sure to check out their new arrivals HERE!

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