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americans in paris – five accounts to follow!

americans in paris - give accounts to follow

If you love all things French, we have five Instagram accounts run by Americans in Paris that you’ll love to follow!

Posting on everything from Parisian beauty and fashion to lifestyle and travel, these five influencers are sure to captivate you and make you feel as if you are right there with them in the City of Lights.


five americans in paris - accounts to follow - jessie kanelos weiner

Born and raised in Chicago, Jessie Kanelos Weiner is an American illustrator, food stylist and author based in Paris. She has an adorable illustrated blog called The Franco Fly where you can follow her experiences as an expat.


five americans in paris - accounts to follow -  petite in paris

Diane Colette is Petite in Paris – the name says it all. Originally from Kansas, USA, she moved to Paris in 2015. While fashion blogging is her primary passion, she also shares her experiences with travel, food, and the all around beauty of the city. Her high quality photos and stylish outfits will have you scrolling through till the end.

Check out the post she did on MSFB!


lea travels

Leah Walker is the face behind Leah Travels and a proud Texan-born belle that has been living in Paris since 2015. She is a seasoned traveler, so you can expect to exciting places in Paris as well as elsewhere on her feed. Leah is a woman of many talents and known for her journalism in luxury travel, culinary and wine. She also is a social media consultant for a variety of brands.


julia falling off bicycles

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Julia Willard moved to Paris in 2006. She believes in always questioning why things are the way they are and strives to bring a bit more light to the world through her photography and encouragement to travel.


emily paris wine girl

Emily is an American sommelier living her best life in Paris, passionate about sharing her love of wine – and the story behind each bottle. Going by the alias The Paris Wine girl, she indeed lives up to her name. Her feed is filled with experiences only a sommelier would have. She even teaches online classes on French wine culture and education.

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