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Mar 27, 2020 | Artisans of France, Craftsmanship

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We are very excited to be partnering with Q de Bouteilles for our May 2020 My Stylish French Box!

Q de Bouteilles up-cycles wine bottles that are remnants of an evening spent dancing, debating, or with loved ones. They created a way to share their stories with elegant glassware for you and your home.
What could be more French than that?

Keep reading to learn more about Q de Bouteilles and why they are one of the featured brands in Box N°14!

q des bouteilles recycled wine bottles

Q de Bouteilles was started in 2016 by young entrepreneur Gauthier Decarne. The idea was born during an evening spent with friends thinking about what else they could use for glasses. Learning that this could be done with a beer bottle, they took it to the French level and figured the same idea could be applied to, of course, a wine bottle.

The first models were cut with string using methylated spirit and ice water to create a thermal shock, leaving them with their first wine bottle glasses. This technique was promising but soon realised they needed some help.

After the word had spread about their oh so French glassware, they began partnering with craftsmen who shared their passion for working with cold glass.

q des bouteilles glassware

Moving from a barn to their own production workshop in Cucq, they now have over a dozen artisans to share their savoir-faire in sorting, cutting, polishing and shaping the bottles.

Q de Bouteilles is known for their glassware creations, but they also offer a selection of delicate candles and vases. Each product passes through a thorough quality control to ensure that all pieces are the result of faultless work – guaranteeing them a special place on the finest tables.

It is important for us to able to support and share with you our favorite artisanal French brands. That is why we are proud to introduce you to the ambitious Q de Bouteilles and include something from them in our May Box!

Are you excited to see which of their creations is in this Box?

Don’t forget to order your May Box by clicking HERE!

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