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I ordered the August 2018 box as a little treat for myself. Just opening it was an experience – the box, tissue, fragrance wafting from the tissue……I was beyond excited to receive it.
I’m in Kansas and was introduced to your book via Nell Hills and thereafter your website. Although the concept of the boxes is fabulous, I had not seen anything that I thought “oh wow, that is something that I would buy and just screams France.” But I took a chance on the kitchen box. Kitchen is the heart of our home and I hoped that I had chosen the correct box. Luckily I had.
I loved pretty much everything in it- the apron, teatowel, copper cannelé molds, the chocolate mix- all Fabuleux!!
The bowl–I LOVE–use it all of the time for cracking eggs in and to hold my garlic when not in use. It sits on my countertop every day. I love the copper candle container, but NOT the scent. I leave it out, but with the lid on. I was hoping for lavender or a flower or natural scent like cinnamon as opposed to a heavy perfume.
I have continued to view the website and look at the boxes as they come out, but have been disappointed with what I have seen. I was on the fence about the Paris box and actually glad I didn’t order it. ~Sorry~
Sharon, please do another kitchen box or something similar–maybe a Provence box – Tuscany – Normandy! ~or other beautiful towns……….. I can only imagine the extraordinary fragrances and soaps….Maybe a beautiful glass brocante dish for rings or soap, brocante linen towels ~more items like the sugar tongs. The artwork is nice, but so small…..the cards lovely, but envelopes would be better- they are harder to find than you might realize. Calendar books, journals, etc would be fabulous….Sweet treats—what girl- from anywhere- doesn’t love a sweet treat!!! OOOOH MACARONS!
Those are some of things I imagine myself purchasing on a fabulous shopping journey in France. They bring a feeling of tranquility, softness, relaxation – a slower paced life……at least to me!
I say this only because I noticed in your last email sent out – that if we had ideas or requests, to forward them to you.
Merci – Bonne Nuit
Thank you for letting me get a little bit of France in my home, until I can get there myself (next year – fingers crossed!!~)




Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for your lovely review of our August 2018 kitchen box and for your feedback on what you would like to see in future boxes! We always take our clients’ ideas and opinions into account when curating our boxes so we’re thankful to hear what you think. We hope the next box you choose to receive surpasses all your expectations!

Kind wishes,

the My Stylish French Box team

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