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I loved getting the French Box but must have been one of the rare few who were not overwhelmed with the November box. I was very disappointed With the custom scarf- I would call it a pocket square or handkerchief- it is not large enough to wear as a scarf? I think you should have made it twice the size to really be useful.I was looking forward to the little box of chocolates that looked so beautiful in the marketing material but was very disappointed when mine contained pastel M&M’s-not very special.I also thought you missed the opportunity to be festive for the holiday- everything was so dark. I took a break from this next box- I loved the concept as I love all things French but felt a bit disappointed with that last box. I have to reconsider the indulgence. Wanted to pass my sincere review for your consideration.





Dear Tammy,

Thank you so much for your input. We listen to everyone’s comments.

We have offered quite a few larger scarfs in past Boxes and found that a new size would be a fun change.

This smaller square version is largely popular in Paris at the moment. We thought our clients would enjoy the chicness of this scarf around the neck or tied to a handbag.

The chocolates in this Box were a very traditional chocolate in France, Dragées. Made by one of the finest confiserie in Paris, Boissier. We would be more than happy to send you the other box of chocolates, we do not want out clients to feel like they have missed out!

We appreciate you as a customer and welcome you back at anytime!

Best wishes,

The My Stylish French Box Team

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