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This is my first MFCH Box, and I am thrilled with it. From the packaging to the items held within, everything felt so elegant! I was surprised at how excited I was to open the box and discover its treasures. My favorite thing was the cape. It is simply beautiful, and I know I will use it often. The earrings are gorgeous but not over the top, just as I like my earrings to be. The liquor glasses are unpretentious and a welcome addition to my dinnerware collection. And what could be more perfect than chocolate? Those little chocolate pearls are to die for! The change purse, the lotion, and the lip liners will all be used well. I am already looking forward to my next MFCH Box!





Thank you for your glowing review!

We’re thrilled that your first MFCH Box exceeded expectations and brought you such joy. It’s delightful to hear that every item, from the elegant packaging to the carefully curated treasures inside, resonated with you.

Your enthusiasm for the cape, earrings, liquor glasses, and chocolate pearls warms our hearts.

We can’t wait to continue surprising and delighting you in future boxes.

With kind regards,

The My French Country Home Box Team

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